Complete Roadmap to Become a Frontend Developer in 2023?

By · Updated22 February 2023
Complete Roadmap to Become a Frontend Developer in 2023?

There are many opportunities for front-end developers in the next 20 years. With advancements in technology and the growth of the web industry, you now have a clear roadmap on how to become a frontend developer.

As the industry moves towards more virtual and augmented reality applications, frontend developers will be needed to create and design these systems. With the right skills and education, frontend developers can become the backbone of any web application. In this article, we outline a complete roadmap to becoming a frontend developer in 2023.

What is Front-end Developer?

A front-end developer is responsible for creating a user experience that users interact with on the website. Front-end developer is someone who works on the graphical user interface (GUI) of a website or application. This person is responsible for creating, designing, and maintaining the look and feel of the website or application. 

Front-end developers work with different programming languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create these web apps. 

Technologies for a Front-end Developer

There are a few important technologies that are required to become a Front-End Developer, and these are listed below:

  1. Html
  2. CSS
  3. JavaScript
  4. React JS
  5. Git
  6. Knowledge of API’s

You should follow the above sequence if you want to become a front-end developer and don’t want to be stuck anywhere on the way. 

Now here is the Complete Roadmap to Become a Frontend Developer in 2023:

Step 1: Learn HTML First:

The first requirement for frontend developer is that you need to learn the Html. HTML is a Hypertext Markup Language that enables web pages and other electronic documents to be written in a way that makes them easy to read and navigate. 

Most of the webpages on the internet are created using the basic HTML & CSS. In order to become a front-end developer your first aim should be to learn HTML. This widely used markup language is your go to option as a front-end developer. 

Languages that are used in front-end development. 60% of them use the same kind of syntax that you’ll learn in HTML. In order to get a gist of the programming you should become a master of HTML first. 

Step 2: Learn CSS:

After learning the HTML & their syntax the second option that you should avail is learn CSS. CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is a style sheet language that allows you to control the presentation of a document written in HTML or XML. CSS makes it possible to change the look and feel of a website, without changing the content.

CSS will help you out with the presentation of your site. CSS will allow you to change the style of your website as you need it. You can control every design aspect including the theme of the website as you want by using CSS. Without using CSS it’s nearly impossible to create a stunning website that stands out from the rest. Learning CSs is the second most important thing in the list of for frontend developer requirements.

Your second aim should be to learn CSS so that you can use your HTML code with the CSS to create a stunning looking website.  

Step 3: Learn JavaScript: 

After HTML & CSS you should spend your time learning JavaScript. JavaScript is a programming language that helps make webpages and other digital applications more user-friendly. It can be used to create programs that control the behavior of web browsers, as well as to create standalone applications.

Now that you’ve created a website using HTML and you’ve styled it through CSS. The next step is to add the actions on every functionality that is done by using JavaScript. It actually improves the overall interactivity of the Website. If you are new to Programming, you should choose eloquent JavaScript that is online available for free. 

In simple words you can say, using JavaScript your website can respond to the action’s users are performing on your website.

If we’ll further give you an example of this. Let’s take an example of the car to understand it better. You can consider the car body as the HTML code. If you add rims, good tires, mirrors along with amazing color to it, then this will be your CSS that you’ve implemented. The car engine, PCM & ECU act as the JavaScript for the car. 

So, now you get an idea of what is the importance of learning java script in front-end development. It comes third priority wise in the list of requirements for front end developer. Now, we’ll se the next step on how to become a frontend developer.

Step 4: Learn about Package Managers

A package manager manages your packages. Your project will depend on other packages and those packages might be depending on some other packages. This scenario becomes complicated in a real-world scenario.

Npm, yarn & bower will do this job for you. So, you don’t need to worry much about the dependency anymore. Using packages, you can develop your application very fast. This is where you can use build tools. Building tools like Parcel & webpack will provide you with an extreme productivity boost.  

Step 5: Learn Sass & Stylus

After learning all the above essential steps now is the time to learn Sass & Stylus. Sass & Stylus are the two options that you can use to radically change the way you write your CSS code. SASS takes all the annoying parts of the CSS and improves the syntax.  As browsers can’t read Sass, so you’ve to compile it to CSS. 

Once you’ve completed your roadmap to become a frontend developer. You will understand the basic structure and coding of websites then you will be able to use different template to speed up your development process.

For example, Modernize React MUI Dashboard Theme can be used to create amazing web apps without coding from scratch. All you need to do is customize it according to your requirements.

Templates like these have many incredible features. Some of these features include:

  • Easy Folder Structure
  • React 18+ with i18n support
  • RTL ready with Google fonts
  • The Hassle-free Setup Process
  • Redux toolkit & Code Splitting
  • Organized code structure

Step 6: Learn about CSS frameworks:

If you are in a rush to write CSS for a website. Then you should use CSS frameworks. Learning a CSS framework will help you get a huge productivity boost. CSS frameworks like Bulma, tailwind CSS & Bootstrap provide a lot of help in order to develop the application rapidly.  Learning it is worth your time & Money. 

Step 7: Learn about JavaScript frameworks:

If you are amongst those who are in a rush to build your app in no time. Then you should choose JavaScript frameworks. The top 3 JavaScript frameworks are: React, Angular & Vuejs. Your project will easily fall in the scope of these frameworks. But it’s up to you to learn which framework first. Learning React is the good to go option if you want to learn java script frameworks. 

Step 8: Learn About Typescript

The last step on how to become a frontend developer is to learn about typescript. IT is a typed programming language that makes writing front-end code easier than ever before. This easy-to-learn and versatile language can be used to create powerful, user-friendly websites and apps. 

 With typescript, developers can create clean, concise code that feels natural and intuitive. Typescript is perfect for creating small, quick projects that need little luxury or support from the underlying programming language.

Learning about typescript is a good choice. You can catch errors fast and fix them before you submit code to the production, and this tends to reduce so many headaches. Learning Typescript is a must for all javascript developers. You can’t skip it


In conclusion, it seems that in the near future, front-end developers will become increasingly important as the role of web development moves forward. The most important thing that front-end developers can do is to stay up to date with the latest trends and technologies, and to learn as much as they can about building user interfaces. 

Now you know how to learn front end development with a complete roadmap in hand, it will be easier for them to make progress and achieve their goals.

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