9 Best Chrome Extensions To Boost Your Productivity as a Developer?

By · Updated23 February 2023
9 Best Chrome Extensions To Boost Your Productivity as a Developer?

Coding is among the most difficult things to do for novice programmers. Once you’ve completed your programming and you’ve started your career as a software developer, increasing your productivity is the most difficult thing for you to do in your field. Small tools like chrome extensions for developers can be very helpful.

There’s no doubt that software developers constantly search for new tools and techniques to make their applications look more efficient and smoother in terms of usage. They don’t want to spend all day long doing a handful of tasks manually or doing the same task over and over again.

Instead, they would like to create and deliver the product as quickly as they can. This is why they are always looking for tools or software to help boost their productivity.

It doesn’t matter if the keyboard shortcut, software, or any other extension, developers shouldn’t be scared of making use of these tools in their development environment. These extensions and tools make their lives a bit easier and aiding them to get their product out quicker.

If we’ll talk about the Google Chrome browser. There is no doubt that Chrome is by far the widely used browser for web browsing all over the globe. There are many who do not like browsing anything until they don’t have chrome installed to their device.

Chrome provides a variety of chrome extensions for developers. Many developers use these extensions on a regular basis during their workday routine to remain productive and help them with their work.

In this post we’ve collected some of the best chrome extensions for developers that you might have tried or perhaps not utilized during your professional career.

If you’re unsure of which extension would be beneficial to you, this post is definitely worth taking a look at. We’ve put together a list of the top extensions for developers and programmers.

9 Best Chrome Extension for Developer:

1. Octotree- Github Code Tree

Being a developer, we all have heard about the importance of GitHub and you may have been on it. Do you not feel uncomfortable using GitHub when you have to navigate through the folders manually in order to see the subfolders within them?

It’s difficult and frustrating when you have to comprehend the structure of the folders and hit the folders and their subfolders to look at the contents of the files and the code manually.

This is one of the best chrome extension for developers because it fixes this issue and eases your work. Octotree is a fantastic extension for GitHub Explorer. It displays your project’s repository to the left part of your project, which will help you understand the structure of your folder.

It’s like looking at your project using an editor for text like VS Code. With this extension, it’s easy to navigate to the desired file.

2. OctoLinker

This extension is another great one for GitHub users. If you’re checking the code inside an existing file and do not understand the hyperlinks within the file (what they are about). By using this extension, you can find the specifics of the link and then navigate to it.

It lets you navigate to a particular link within your folder, or to switch to the link that is imported out of the folder.

3. ColorZilla

If you’re involved in web development and have to perform some minor design tasks in your job, then this extension is perfect for you. This extension lets you quickly recognize colors and their values.

It is the best chrome extension for developers and designers. It can boost productivity when working on the frontend or design component.

4. Wappalyzer

This extension can be very useful in identifying the different technologies that are used on the site. You can determine if your app has been written using React, Angular, Meteor, Backbone, Firebase, PHP, Django, or other languages.

You can find out information about frameworks, web servers caching and databases, programming languages and content management systems analytics, etc.

5. Window Resizer

This has to be on the list of best chrome extensions for developers. It assists in determining how responsive your website is. This extension is useful when you’re working on a design element, and you need to test your application with different screen resolutions. You can test the way your application appears in different sizes of browser windows. You can also choose to create a custom screen resolution.

Pro-Tip: As a developer writing code from scratch to create web apps can be very hectic and time consuming. Instead, you can use professionally designed, ready-to-use, and highly customizable templates to get started.

It will not only save you a lot of time and money but also requires much less effort. All the industry experts recommend using high quality templates like Modernize React MUI Dashboard Theme. It comes with many amazing features that will help you in the development process. Some of the features include:

  • Organized Code & Folder Structure
  • RTL ready with Redux toolkit
  • Google fonts and code splitting
  • React 18+ with i18n support
  • And hassle-free Setup Process

6. CSS Peeper

Developers utilize their integrated Chrome development tool in order to search for an element, and to check the style of the element. It would be wonderful for you to be able to modify the page just like an inspect element allows. It’ll be simpler to make modifications on the front-end that the page is hosted on.

The CSS Peeper extension is helpful in this regard. After installing this extension, you can click on a section of the page and then you can examine the style of the area you have highlighted. Additionally, you can see which colors or assets are employed on the website.

7. User JavaScript and CSS

When working on certain web-based applications. If you wish to test the appearance and feel of your website by incorporating some custom CSS. And to test the performance of your website by modifying the code JavaScript. This extension could be helpful for you.

This is one of the best chrome extensions because you can create your own custom CSS libraries, as well as JavaScript code to establish the guidelines for a particular website.

If you’re working with any company or are involved in any web-related project. This extension will be useful in diagnosing any JavaScript code. It’s also useful for experimenting with your own application or for creating your own website widgets.

8. Toggl Track: Productivity & Time Tracker

The ability to track the time you spend on different tasks is crucial. This extension is designed to help you monitor the time you spend on different tasks. This productivity extension is compatible with more than 100 popular tools, including Google Docs, Google Inbox, JIRA, Khan Academy, Salesforce, WordPress, etc. Many options are included within this extension.

It is possible to start the timer and you can also use Pomodoro Timer and from integration settings, you are able to choose the websites that you would like to show the Toggl Track Extension to be displayed on.

9. WhatFont

As a frontend developer or designer, you’ll have to work frequently with fonts on different websites. Nowadays, no one wants to “view source” and look up the specifics of the element manually. It’s time-consuming and often difficult for developers.

This makes WhatFont one of the best chrome extension for developers because it can help obtain the exact font information on a web page without opening and examining the code manually. Just look over the font and you’ll find out all the details.

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