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Download eye-catching, highly customizable, and production-ready Vue Dashboard templates. We at AdminMart have the best collection of paid and free Vuejs Admin Templates perfect for your next web app development project. So, download now and get started.

Paid & Free Vuejs Admin Templates

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Get to know everything about Vuejs Dashboard & Templates


First, let’s understand what Vuejs or Vue.js is. It is an open-source library of JavaScript that is created on top of CSS. HTML & JavaScript. Vuejs is used for developing single-page apps and user interfaces. Vuejs Admin Templates are pre-built & ready-to-use templates for creating web apps and dashboards developed using this library.


There are numerous benefits of using Free Vuejs Admin Templates & Vue Dashboard. Firstly, they are free of cost and using these templates you don’t have to worry about developing web apps or dashboards from scratch. All you need to do is find the right templates and customize them. Secondly, as a developer, it saves you a lot of time, effort, and money.


If you are a developer, then there are many reasons for you to choose Vue Dashboard from AdminMart. For instance, all the templates are carefully designed to meet the requirements and needs of the developers. This means these templates have everything you can think of and will help you throughout your development process. Also, many companies and expert developers have used our templates and highly recommend them for developing web apps.


When using the Vuejs Dashboard, you can easily develop all sorts of web apps and dashboards just by customizing them according to your business/brand. For instance, you can develop a chat app, ticketing app, notes app, email app, e-commerce app, blog app and many more.

Features Included In Our Vuejs Admin Templates

We provide our customers with the best deals, templates, and themes. So, in order to ensure that all our Vuejs Admin Templates are packed with many incredible features that will help you in the designing and development of web apps and dashboards. Some of the key features are listed below:

  • Organized folder structure and detailed documentation.
  • A hassle-free setup process and a 100% money-back guarantee.
  • 1 year of premium dedicated support and organized code structure.
  • Many pre-built application designs and 1 year of free updates.
  • Several Google fonts, and validation forms with i18n support.
  • Code splitting, Figma design files, and many pre-built UI components.
  • Multiple landing pages, dashboard designs, and color schemes.
  • Different ready-to-use tables, charts, widgets and validation forms.

Vuejs Dashboard can make your life easy as a developer by providing you with such amazing features. This is the reason why all the expert web app developers prefer and recommend using these templates.

Take Your Skills to the Next Level Using Vuejs Admin Templates

The best and only way to take your development to the next level as a developer is by increasing your productivity. So, by using Vue Dashboard you can save time, effort, and money eventually increasing your productivity. You would also have the flexibility and freedom to develop many different types of web apps and dashboards using a single template.

1 Year of Free Dedicated Support

We at AdminMart provide all our users who purchase any template with dedicated support for 1 year. So, during this time if you have any sort of queries regarding our templates, you can submit a ticket at the AdminMart support desk.