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  • Created: 08/05/2024

  • Updated: 01/06/2024

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12+ Apps Included

Calandar App


Chat App


Contact App


User Profile App


Notes App


Blog App


Blog Detail App


eCommerce Shop App


eCommerce Product Detail App


eCommerce Product List App


eCommerce Checkout App


Kanban App


Enjoy the Benefits of Our Exceptional
Feature Set with Matdash VueJs

6 Theme Colors

We have included 6 pre-defined Theme Colors with Matdash Admin.

JWT Route Guard

Template uses JWT Auth Guard to provide secure access to protected routes in the Vue Router.

65+ Page Templates

Yes, we have 6 demos & 65+ Pages per demo to make it easier.

45+ UI Components

Almost 45+ UI Components being given with Matdash Admin Pack.

Vuetify 3 + Vue3

Its made with Vuetify 3 + Vite Js + Typescript + Vue3 composition API.

3 Dashboards

Yes, we have designed 3 Stunning Dashboards.

12+ Applications

Yes, we have designed 12 Applications which are ready to use.

3400+ Font Icons

Lots of Icon Fonts are included here in the package of MatDash Admin.

Axios - Mock API

We used Axios for efficient and flexible data handling and a seamless user experience.

i18 Vue

Template support multiple languages, making it accessible to a wider range of users.

Vue 3 Carousel

Smooth Vue slider Carousel You will Ever Need is added!

Detailed Documentation

We have made detailed documentation, so it will easy to use.

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Built on the latest Vue.js framework & following industry best practices for creating scalable, robust, & performant applications

Matdash Vue3 + Vuetify 3 + Vite + Typescript based Admin Template

matdash – Vue3 + Vuetify3 is a super fast, simple and clean Vue Vuetify shop template. With Vuejs 3+, Vite.js, Typescript, Vuetify 3+, Code Splitting, Google Fonts, and an easy Folder Structure, you can create your web application easily and without any hassle and with organized code structure.

  • Customizable 🛠 themes and layouts, allowing users to tailor the application to their specific needs and preferences.
  • Built-in data visualization tools, enabling users to easily generate charts, graphs, and other visual representations of their data.
  • Modular architecture and reusable components, promoting code reusability and making it easier to add new features or make changes to the application.

Matdash VueJs admin dashboard Template has many premium features including:

  • Easy Folder Structure
  • Organize Folder Structure
  • The Hassle-free Setup Process
  • Vuetify 3
  • Vue 3
  • 3 Stunning Dashboards
  • 12+ ready to use applications
  • Code Splitting
  • Google Fonts
  • i18n Support
  • Axios mock API
  • Vue Landing Page
  • Auth with JWT
  • Table Examples
  • Form Variations
  • Lots of Widgets
  • Vue 3 Carousel Included
  • Figma Design Files

This template offers the flexibility and convenience needed to create various applications effortlessly. It's considered one of the top Vue.js admin templates in the premium category due to its extensive features and ease of use. With Matdash Vuetify Vue 3 admin template, you can craft a wide range of applications tailored to your needs. For instance, you could build sophisticated web apps with intuitive interfaces using this versatile tool.

  • CRM systems
  • Analytical apps
  • SaaS platforms
  • Educational apps
  • Health & Fitness apps
  • E-commerce backend
  • Banking & Finance apps


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