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By · Updated 29 November 2023
Next.js Best Practices: A Comprehensive Guide

If you’re into web development, you know how important it is to do things the right way. That’s where Next.js comes in – a cool framework for making awesome web applications. Whether you’re a coding pro or just starting, this guide will help you learn the ropes of making your Next.js projects top-notch.

We’re here to talk about stuff like making your sites load faster, getting them noticed by search engines, and building them so they look and work great on any device. We’ve got real tips from real experts, and we’ll

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By · Updated 21 November 2023
Essential E-commerce Tools for Your Online Business

The world is changing rapidly, and the same goes for technology and tools. Now, everything is happening online, including buying and selling services through e-commerce. E-commerce has become an essential part of the modern business landscape, allowing companies to reach a global audience and conduct transactions online.

However, running a successful e-commerce business requires more than just a website and products to sell. It demands the right set of tools to streamline operations, boost sales, and enhance customer experience.

In this article, we will explore the best e-commerce tools for your businesses that can take your online venture to new heights. Whether

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By · Updated 11 October 2023
10 Best Domain Registrars to Kickstart Your Online Venture

In today’s digital world, having a strong online presence is super important for both businesses and individuals. To do this, you need to register a domain name. A domain registrar is like a middleman between users and the organization that manages domain names. In this article, we’ll look at what domain registrars are, why it’s essential to pick the right one, and the 10 best domain registrars in 2023.

What is a Domain Registrar?

A domain registrar is a company that manages the registration of domain names. When you want to register a domain name for your website, you go through a

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By · Updated 03 August 2023
Supercharge Your Web Development with These 10 CSS Libraries for React

Web development has changed a lot over time. Making attractive and complex designs for websites is now really important. To do this, developers use CSS. It helps them create beautiful designs and smooth experiences for users. But making CSS from scratch is time consuming and takes a lot of effort. To make things easier and faster, developers can use CSS libraries or CSS Component libraries. These libraries contain pre-made CSS components that we can use in our projects. In this article, We’ll show you 10 amazing CSS component libraries that will make your web development projects much better and help

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By · Updated 26 July 2023
Level Up Your Web App with Stunning React Charts: Introducing the Top 10 React Charts Libraries

Data Visualization is an important technique for web applications whether you are building a dashboard, analytics tools or any application that works on data (data-driven application) because it helps us to present the data in a way which is understandable and visually appealing. Developers often look for powerful chart libraries that simplify the process of creating stunning visualizations without much effort.

In this article, our primary focus will be React charts and it’s powerful libraries available to enhance your data visualization capabilities.

What are React Libraries?

React libraries are collections of pre-built components, functions, and tools designed to

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By · Updated 24 March 2023
How to use Pinia with Nuxt3? Complete Guide And Configuration

In this article, we will be discussing how to use Pinia with Nuxt3. So, if you are facing this or any similar issue, we recommend you read this article till the end. 

We will see how you can integrate Pinia as the state management library for the development of Nuxt 3 applications.

Pinia is a new and modern state management library that is designed to be easy to use and integrate with Nuxt 3. While Nuxt 3 is a great library, Pinia offers a simpler and more efficient way to manage the state of your application.

Additionally, Pinia is designed to be extensible

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By · Updated 18 March 2023
How to Set Up a React Project with Vite? | Step-by-Step Guide

Usually, we create a new project by Create React App, however, it consumes a lot of time for installing more than 140 MB of dependencies. Comparatively, Vite is a very lightweight tool because it takes up only 31 MB of dependencies. It helps in saving a lot of time when you are creating a new project.

Moreover, Vite utilizes the browser-native ES (ECMAScript) modules in order to link it with JavaScript files. It does not rebuild the complete bundle every time after each file change. Due to these key differences, Vite provides much

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By · Updated 18 March 2023
How to use Vuetify with Nuxt 3 – Complete Installation Guide

At some point, you will need to use Vuetify 3 with Nuxt 3 as a developer.

But the real question is how to use Vuetify with Nuxt 3. Vuetify is a Material Design Component Framework for Vue.js. Nuxt 3 is a front-end framework for creating universal web apps.

Installation Requirements:

To Proceed, it is essential to have the most recent stable version of node.js installed. We recommend using node.js version 14 or higher and npm.js version 6 or higher for the optimal environment. You can download if from

Installation Process:

If you don’t already have a Nuxt 3 project, you need to start

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By · Updated 23 February 2023
9 Best Chrome Extensions To Boost Your Productivity as a Developer?

Coding is among the most difficult things to do for novice programmers. Once you’ve completed your programming and you’ve started your career as a software developer, increasing your productivity is the most difficult thing for you to do in your field. Small tools like chrome extensions for developers can be very helpful.

There’s no doubt that software developers constantly search for new tools and techniques to make their applications look more efficient and smoother in terms of usage. They don’t want to spend all day long doing a handful of tasks manually or doing the same task over and over again.


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By · Updated 22 February 2023
Complete Roadmap to Become a Frontend Developer in 2023?

There are many opportunities for front-end developers in the next 20 years. With advancements in technology and the growth of the web industry, you now have a clear roadmap on how to become a frontend developer.

As the industry moves towards more virtual and augmented reality applications, frontend developers will be needed to create and design these systems. With the right skills and education, frontend developers can become the backbone of any web application. In this article, we outline a complete roadmap to becoming a frontend developer in 2023.

What is Front-end Developer?

A front-end developer is responsible for creating a user experience

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By · Updated 22 February 2023
Top 5 Books to Learn Front-End Web Development today!

Looking to learn front-end web development? Web development is a rapidly growing industry, and today’s developers need to be well-versed in all the different front-end technologies. These days, there are a number of books for web development to help you learn.

For example, if you’re looking to learn how to build a website, there are a lot of frontend books on web development available and it can be difficult to choose between them. Some of the best books on web development focus on specific topics, while others provide more general insights. 

If you’re interested in learning how to build a successful web

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